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Triple 300ml Security Wall-Mounted Holder - Chrome Finish

A classic finish in hand-polished chrome, adding light, reflection and shine and easy to match with your existing chrome hardware. Add clear bottles for a simple classic look or amber bottles for richer accents. Designed to hold our luxury 240ml glass and 300ml plastic range of products in the most stylish, secure and organized way and enabling easy refilling of your products. Suitable for bathroom sinks, next to a free-standing bath, showers, kitchen sinks, laundry rooms, office hand sanitizers, office bathrooms. Made in England using the highest quality certified European stainless steel. Our Security Holder has additional front support prongs which will prevent theft. We hope you love Tyneham Products but if you are purchasing a SoHo Holder for another brand please check your bottle dimensions. Please note if using holders for other bottles, they will only hold bottles up to 62mm diameter x 120mm in height (top of shoulder).
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Features: holds our 240 and 300ml bottles with it's unique drop-down design and are fully lockable. Holders can be drilled or stuck to surfaces, please refer to fixing Instructions which are supplied along with fixings and key with each holder. Material: 2.5/2mm 304 European stainless steel, weight: 0.95kg. Finish: Hand Polished Chrome Finish. Dimensions: Back plate L x 135mm W x 130mm D x 70mm. Cleaning: for care of your holder we recommend removing bottles monthly and clean thoroughly using a micro fibre cloth and soapy water. If positioned in hard water areas, vinegar is recommended for removal of lime scale. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners should not be used to clean these holders. Warranty: our holders are guaranteed for two years against any manufacturing defects or operation. Holders are not guaranteed against misuse of cleaning. For locations in direct proximity to swimming pools or sea water, we recommend holders made from our 316 material. For more information please contact for support. Tyneham does not guarantee their holders against misuse of cleaning. Made in England
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